The brand

Meet & Match is a brand of bags and accessories, established in Paris. Launched in 2020, Meet & Match creates products functional, sustainable over time, cosmopolitan design.

Create products for the citizens of the world, through citizens of the world.

Each of our products have been designed for the traveler, the urban, the city dweller of today's world. In a world marked by globalization and the multiplication of exchanges, we hope to establish with you a strong, open and co-creative connection.


Zero compromise on quality

We do not compromise on the development of our products: we source quality materials and collaborate with partners with more than twenty years of experience in the leather goods business to co-design and think our products in order to optimize their durability in time. That is why we guarantee your product for 1 year.


Direct Distribution

By reducing the cost of intermediaries, Meet & Match offers quality products at fair prices. 

While traditional brands mark up 5-6 times the cost of the product, we are at 2-3 times.


Would you like to talk to us?

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