We do our best to concretely use materials with robust properties, recycled, more environmentally friendly solutions, wherever possible.

Here is a list of the materials used in the manufacture of our products.

Microfiber bonded to bonded leather 


We have developed an innovative material: microfiber bonded to reconstituted leather to offer a material that is both abrasion resistant, easy to clean, with a light texture and a "leather" appearance.

Recovered from tanneries, leather scraps are collected, sorted and then re-treated with natural latex to give a second life to these pieces of leather, which would otherwise have ended up in landfills!

Water-repellent coated nylon, natural rubber 


Our research to create a durable bag led us to nylon (or polyamide), known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear over time. We have sourced this high quality nylon imported from Taiwan: backed polyamide lined with natural rubber, with a water repellent coating on the top.